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The training and courses promoted by RTA Consulting / RTA Academy cover the different areas, themes and know-how related to the services we provide (and in various training domains). We ensure the appreciation and development of human potential and  skills , education, training and training, with a differentiating dimension expressed by the scope of training topics in the modalities inter-company, intra-company/tailor-made, specialized seminars, training (coaching) and advanced training/specialization courses, in the regimes face-to-face, B-Learning and E-Learning.

RTA Consulting / RTA Academy as an established company in the market, a partner of organizations and individuals in the field of training, interested in updating knowledge and specialization, it is committed to continuous professional training adjusted to the real demands of the labor market (fundamental for personal and professional growth, but also for extremely important to guarantee the employability, competitiveness and success of human resources). Thus, it is interested in increasing challenges, betting on differentiation and quality of the training portfolio, with the development of the concept of knowledge sharing in the various teaching modalities and regimes in several areas, allowing multidisciplinary knowledge.

Through the E-Learning Platform of RTA Academy you will be able to access several courses, so that you can study at your own pace and always have the necessary tools and support available for the development of skills/ skills and certification, enhancing your high performance and a successful career. The courses are structured in an intuitive format, with accessible language and navigation, pedagogically planned.

We enhance the development of leadership skills in human resources, accelerating change processes, efficiently exploiting their resources and skills . With the know-how  essential to the success of the services available (professional experience; academic, professional and specialized training; technical, pedagogical and personal competence, with the ability to establish  rapport ), the customization of the service and the combination of the three knowledges (knowledge knowing, knowing how to do and knowing how to be).

RTA Academy provides a wide range of online, technical and  soft skills training , 100% distance learning/E-Learning, and develops solutions tailored to the needs of each client, in this format, including short-term training, focusing on knowledge, skills and people .


  • Environmental risk analysis
  • Environmental audits
  • Strategic environmental assessment
  • Environmental performance assessment (ISO 14031)
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Design, dimensioning and management of sanitary landfills
  • Decontamination of soils and groundwater
  • Eco-driving (defensive, economic and environmental driving)
  • Circular economy
  • Environmental legislation and assessment of legal compliance
  • Environmental licensing
  • Waste Management. Legal framework, planning and obligations
  • Environmental management and monitoring in works
  • Sustainability reports
  • REACH Regulation (registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals)
  • Liability for environmental damage and environmental offenses
  • Environmental seminar
  • Environmental awareness
  • Environmental management systems (ISO 14001, EMAS)

Formação Avançada e de Especialização - RTA Consultoria


Monitoring and Environmental Management of Works | Legislation, Planning, Operational Control and Monitoring

Environmental and Strategic Impact Assessment, Environmental Licensing | Legislation, Requirements, Instruments, Planning and Control

Sustainable Construction and Rehabilitation

Circular Economy | Factors, Management Models, Tools and Applications

Environmental Management (ISO 14001) | Legislation, Management System, Audits

Waste Management | Legislation and Regulation, Requirements, Strategies and Techniques

Environmental Legislation and Conformity Assessment


  • Energy audits
  • Energy efficiency
  • Legislation in the energy sector
  • Energy rationalization plans
  • Energy certification system (SCE)
  • Energy management systems (ISO 50001)

Formação Avançada e de Especialização - RTA Consultoria


Energy Management (ISO 50001) | Legislation, Management System, Audits
Electrical Installations



Assets | Audits | Circular Economy | Suppliers | Strategic Management | Training Management | Integrated Management | Research / Development / Innovation | Lean Management | Licensing | Human Resources/People | Risks | Value Chain Security | Information security


  • Asset management of infrastructure (water supply and wastewater sanitation services)
  • Asset Management Systems (ISO 55001)


  • Qualification of internal auditors: requirements, techniques, activities and audit planning (ISO 19011, ISO 17021)

Circular Economy:

  • Areas, Strategy and Solutions


  • Selection and technical-economic evaluation of suppliers

Strategic Management:

  • Balanced scorecard – design, implementation and monitoring of a strategic management model

Training Management:

  • How to certify a training entity to DGERT
  • SIGO Platform: Management and certification of training actions
  • Training management systems (NP 4512)

Integrated Management (Works, Systems, Strategic):

  • Management, supervision and monitoring of works: Quality, Environment and Safety – specifications / proposal requirements, documentation design, implementation and monitoring on site
  • Integration of management systems: Assets, Environment, Energy, Training, RDI, Quality, Human Resources/People, Social Responsibility, Risks, Food Safety, Water Safety, Information Safety, Occupational Health and Safety (ISO 55001, ISO 14001 , ISO 50001, NP 4512, NP 4457, ISO 9001/AS 9100/IATF 16949, NP 4427, NP 4552, SA 8000/NP 4469, ISO 31000, ISO 22000/FSSC 22000/BRC/IFS, ISO 24510/ISO/24511 ISO 24512, ISO 28000, ISO 27001, ISO 45001), Balanced Scorecard

Research, Development and Innovation (RDI):

  • Innovation in public management
  • RDI Management Systems (NP 4457)

Lean Management:

  • Sensitization to Lean Management


  • Public contracts code
  • Labor legislation – identification, updating and assessment of compliance, including requirements for public procurement
  • Industrial licensing

Human Resources/People:

  • Management systems for reconciling work, family and personal life (NP 4552)
  • Human resource management systems (NP 4427)


  • Risk Management (ISO 31000)

Value Chain Security (Supply Chain Security):

  • Value chain security management systems (ISO 28000)

Information Security:

  • Information security management systems (ISO 27001)


Management System Audits (ISO 19011) | Standardization, Requirements and Audit Activities (allows Auditor Qualification)

Reconciliation between Professional, Family and Personal Life (NP 4552); People/HR Management (NP 4427) and Training (NP 4512) | Management Systems, Audits

Training Management | Planning, Organization, Evaluation, Coordination

Research, Development and Innovation Management – ​​RDI (NP 4457) | Management System, Audits

Production and Maintenance Management | Typologies, Strategies, Stocks, Resources, Lean Tools

Asset Management (ISO 55001) | Management System, Audits

Process Management | Characterization, Indicators, Plans, Circular Economy

Risk Management (ISO 31000) | Standardization, Requirements and Tools

Strategic Management/Balanced Scorecard | Methodology, Indicators and Integration

Information Security (ISO 27001) | Management System, Audits

Integrated Management Systems | Quality, Environment, Safety, Social Responsibility; Audits


  • Assessment and management of public drinking water supply and wastewater management services | Water safety management
    (ISO 24500 Series – ISO 24510, ISO 24511, ISO 24512)
  • Design and dimensioning of Water Treatment Plants / Domestic and Industrial Wastewater / Leaching Waters (ETA, WWTP/ETARI, ETAL)
  • Design and design of Road Run-off Water Treatment Systems (STAEE)
  • Water and Wastewater Pumping Stations (EE)
  • Management of Water Treatment Plants / Domestic and Industrial Wastewater / Leaching Waters (ETA, WWTP/ETARI, ETAL)
  • Asset management of infrastructure (water supply and wastewater sanitation services)
  • Hydraulics
  • Maintenance of Water/Wastewater Treatment Stations (ETA and WWTP)
  • Operation in Water/Wastewater Treatment Stations (ETA and WWTP)
  • Water Safety Planning (PES)
  • Sanitation Safety Planning (PSS)
  • Building water distribution and wastewater and rainwater drainage networks
  • Public water distribution and wastewater and rainwater drainage networks
  • Regulation of supply water / wastewater (domestic, industrial, urban) / leaching water / road run-off water
  • Wastewater reuse (treated effluent): regulation, treatment technologies, sizing
  • Supply water treatment technologies / wastewater (domestic, industrial, urban) / leaching water / road run-off water


Water Supply/Human Consumption | Legislation and Regulation, Treatment Technologies and WTP Management

Wastewater (Domestic and Industrial) | Legislation and Regulation, Treatment Technologies and Wastewater Management

Water Safety and Sanitation Planning | Requirements, Methodology and Application

Public and/or Building Water Distribution Networks, Wastewater and Stormwater Drainage | Legal and Regulatory Framework, Dimensioning

Reuse of Wastewater and Sludge | Framework, Technical and Legal Requirements, Applications


  • Quality management in public administration – CAF (self-assessment model)
  • Total Quality Management (ISO 9004)
  • Process management and audits
  • EFQM’s model of excellence
  • Customer complaints handling process
  • Quality awareness
  • Quality management systems (ISO 9001)
  • Quality management systems in the aerospace sector (AS 9100 / EN 9100)
  • Quality management systems in the automotive sector (IATF 16949)
  • Quality management systems in the medical device sector (ISO 13485)
  • Laboratory management systems (ISO/IEC 17025) | Competence of testing and calibration laboratories


Quality Management (ISO 9001) | Management System, Tools, Audits

Quality Management in the Aerospace Sector (AS 9100 / EN 9100) | Management System, Audits

Quality Management in the Automotive Sector (IATF 16949) | Management System, Core Tools, Audits

Quality Management in the Medical Device Sector (ISO 13485) | Legislation, Management System, Audits


  • Social accountability audits
  • Sustainability reports
  • Awareness of social accountability
  • Social accountability management systems (SA 8000/ISO 26000/NP 4469)


Sustainability Reports | Corporate Social Accountability Reports

Corporate Social Accountability | Conducts, Schemes, References, Audits

Social Accountability (SA 8000, NP 4469) | Legislation, Management System, Audits

SMETA | Ethical Trading Audit (Sedex)


  • Food Safety Audits
  • HACCP Audits
  • Food hygiene and safety: HACCP system – legal and technical requirements, methodology, practices, HACCP plans
  • Awareness of hygiene and food safety
  • BRC and IFS systems
  • Food safety management systems (ISO 22000)
  • Food Safety Management Systems (FSSC 22000)
  • Traceability System (HACCP)


Food Safety Management (ISO 22000, FSSC 22000) | Legislation, Management Systems, Audits

Food Hygiene and Safety | Legal and Technical Requirements, HACCP System

IFS Food and BRC Food | References, Requirements, Audits

Legislation and Food Quality

References for Food Safety Systems (IFS Food, BRC Food, ISO 22000, FSSC 22000)

Food Toxicology


  • Explosive atmospheres (ATEX Directive)
  • Occupational health and safety audits
  • Professional risk assessment and control
  • Occupational noise assessment and management
  • ADR Course (Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Road | European Agreement)
  • Security Advisors
  • Protective equipment (collective and individual)
  • Ergonomics (factors to consider, good posture at the workplace, handling loads)
  • Management of prevention, hygiene at work (physical, chemical and biological risks)
  • Hygiene and safety at work in the area of ​​sanitation (infrastructures and treatment plants)
  • Hygiene and safety at work in the waste area
  • Hygiene and safety at work in construction
  • Regulation, assessment and control of radiation and biological risks
  • REACH Regulation (registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals)
  • Industrial risks and prevention of major accidents (Seveso Directive)
  • Fire safety. Emergency plans / Self-protection measures
  • Awareness of safety, hygiene and health at work
  • Occupational health and safety management systems (ISO 45001)


Coordination of Safety and Health at Work in Civil Construction

Occupational Health and Safety Management |
Higher Occupational Safety Technician Course (recognized by ACT / TSST certification)

Occupational Health and Safety Legislation and Conformity Assessment

Prevention of Serious Accidents (Seveso Directive)

Radiological Protection

REACH and CLP Regulations

Safety and Health at Work (recognized by the ACT / technical and scientific update)

Safety and Health at Work in Water and Wastewater Infrastructures

Safety in Explosive Atmospheres (ATEX)

Coaching allows you to help people achieve their goals. goals / dreams, through methodologies, tools, techniques and practices to boost your personal and/or professional development, allowing you to immediately implement and achieve better results in all areas of life, in a determined and short space of time, considering the personal and professional goals of each one.


Training in Coaching  allows the use of training tools that can be implemented and generated in all aspects and areas of life. You can also acquire   know-how   to improve and help people to influence, to know what motivates them and what makes them feel happy!

It is aimed at those who want more…, better…, intensity…, depth…, to share, help, inspire, transform, energize and enhance the inner magic of every human being.

In this way, Training in Coaching is carried out according to the client’s needs, through intra-company/tailor-made training:

  • Coaching at an individual level: personal universe | professional universe
  • Coaching at an organizational level (group sessions): professional universe
  • Communication
  • Leadership

For dreams and happiness, every day and… for the world!  emoticon


Executive Coaching | High Performance and Results Teams
Personal Coaching and Life Coaching
Leadership and Communication
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“Make a decision today that can immediately change or improve the quality of your life.”
(Tony Robbins)


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