In addition to engineering projects in the various specialties, RTA Consulting provides consulting services such as studies and plans. We base our actions according to the real needs of the Client, structuring the most adequate solution for each circumstance.

The deep knowledge of the market and the accumulated experience allow us to present solutions adjusted to each project. With the aim of providing competitive and high quality services, partnerships are established, whenever justified, with other technicians, companies, architects, engineers, economists, among others, seeking to respond to the most complex problems.

  • Landfill projects
  • Execution Projects (related to Environmental Impact Studies and Environmental Compliance Reports of the Execution Project)
  • Waste collection projects
  • Water Treatment Plant Projects (ETA)
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) Projects
  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant Projects (ETARI)
  • Leaching Water Treatment Plant Projects (ETAL)
  • Wastewater reuse projects (treated effluent)
  • Wastewater and supply water treatment projects in small agglomerates/subdivisions
  • Projects of water distribution networks and wastewater and rainwater drainage (public, building, industrial)
  • Road Run-Off Water Treatment Systems Projects (STAEE)
  • Projects to promote safety and health at work

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