Profile – RTA Consulting

With more than 20 years of combined experience, we distinguish ourselves for presenting innovative solutions, with the aim of adding value to our customers and a differentiating positioning that has allowed RTA Consulting to consolidate its position in the market, in key domains and areas of activity:

Audits | Consulting | Training | Projects
Environment | Energy | Management | Hydraulics and Sanitation | Quality | Social Accountability | Food Safety | Occupational Health and Safety | Soft Skills/Personal Development


We develop methodologies and solutions capable of verifying the compliance and efficiency of processes, activities and functions, including the optimization of legal, technical, documentary and operational management, in any type of Market and Sector:

Aerospace/Aeronautics | Agriculture & Food | Environment | Automobile | Construction | Buildings | Energy | Teaching/Education & Training | Roads | Hotel & Retail | Industry | Infrastructures | Navy | Individuals | Oil & Gas | Private & Public | Chemical | Health | Occupational Health and Safety | Services | Transport | Tourism


We ensure service customization and the combination of knowledge (know-know, know-how, know-how), with know-how indispensable to the success of the services available (professional experience; academic, professional and specialized training; technical, pedagogical and personal competence; ability to establish  rapport ), also using coaching techniques and tools to enhance our performance, as well as that of our clients.

Certifications and Recognition:   
CEO – Rita Teixeira d’Azevedo:    Perfil - Rita Teixeira d'Azevedo