Mission, Vision, Values


RTA Consulting is interested in achieving clients’ goals, with a differentiating dimension expressed by the scope and multidisciplinarity of domains and areas::

Audits | Consulting | Training | Projects 
Environment | Energy | Management | Hydraulics and Sanitation | Quality | Social Accountability |
Food Safety | Occupational Health and Safety | Soft Skills/Personal Development

We develop methodologies and solutions capable of ensuring the compliance and efficiency of processes, activities and functions, including the optimization of legal, technical, documental and operational management, in any type of Organization/Sector, with the customization of the service. and the combination of knowledge (know-know, know-how, know-how), ensuring the  know-how indispensable to the success of the services available (professional experience; academic, professional and specialized training; technical, pedagogical and personal competence; ability to establish  rapport ), also using coaching techniques and tools to enhance our performance, as well as that of our clients.

We accelerate change processes, with the development of leadership skills of human resources, efficiently exploiting their resources and  skills , with the appreciation and development of human potential, education, training and training.


With demand, rigor and performance, RTA Consulting it is proposed to ensure that the quality of the service remains always high and in a process of continuous improvement, in which customer satisfaction is ensured and the return on investment is safeguarded, representing added value.

Through proactive management, we intend to prioritize customer focus, enhancing the definition of objectives and solutions, the motivation/development/transformation of human resources, sustainability (environmental, economic and social) – implementing clean technologies and the best available techniques, safety and social responsibility, informing its suppliers to adopt these practices in the performance of their services and/or supply of products, as well as, integrating these practices in the activities developed and services provided to the client, guaranteeing investments in order to develop the competitiveness, success and economic and financial sustainability of the company’s activity.

We also aim to be a reference company that is recognized globally for the excellence of its services, promoting the achievement of measurable results with a lasting effect on customers.


RTA Consulting promotes the internalization of organizational, personal and global culture and values, with a view to rigor and excellence in all areas of activity, ensuring ambition, attitude, clarity, contribution, creativity, commitment, ethics, innovation, leadership, motivation, objectivity, passion, sharing, performance, perseverance, professionalism, rapport , respect, results, rigor, knowledge, success, versatility and will.