RTA Consulting develops the total customization of solutions (approaches, content and methods), including the framework with the cultural context and the environment of the Organization/Customer, creating proximity and partnership, whose solutions provide a set of added benefits:


Dare to Dream and get the results you want. We share know-how and the tools you need!

Speed up management

Accelerate management and/or organizational transformation, strategic (re)orientation and value creation, enabling competitive dynamics.

Promote experiences

Promote distinctive experiences adjusted to the unique context of each Organization.

Deepen understanding

Deepen the understanding of the specific issues that affect the development of the sector and the Organization.

Boost appreciation

Enhance the appreciation of human potential, with the development of skills and learning, efficiently exploiting the Organization’s resources and skills .

Create a sense of belonging

Create a sense of belonging, urgency and commitment to the Organization’s priorities, accelerating change processes.

Promote results and return on investment

To promote the achievement of measurable results with a lasting effect on the Organization. Return on investment made.

HUMAN POTENTIAL | Training, Qualification, Skills, Value

RTA Academy

RTA Academy ensures the valorization and development of human potential and skills , education, training, training, qualification and certification, with a differentiating dimension expressed by the coverage of areas and themes in the various modalities – inter-company training, intra-company/tailored training, seminars specialized training (coaching) and advanced training/specialization courses – , focusing on the quality of the training portfolio (technical and soft skills), in face-to-face, B-Learning and E-Learning regimes.

RTA Academy

With the know-how essential to the success of the services available (professional experience; academic, professional and specialized training; technical, pedagogical and personal competence, with the ability to establish rapport ), the customization of the service and the combination of knowledge (know-know, know-how, know-be), RTA Academy  also uses coaching techniques and tools to enhance its performance and that of its clients, in the various training domains (coordination, planning, conception, organization and promotion, development, execution and evaluation).

Investing in continuous professional training adjusted to the real demands of the job market is fundamental for personal and professional growth, but also extremely important to ensure the employability, competitiveness and success of people and organizations. The courses of RTA Academy combine knowledge of the specificities of different sectors, their organizations and contexts, as well as the acquisition and development of multidisciplinary skills in fundamental areas.



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“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away” (Maya Angelou)

“Make a decision today that can immediately change or improve the quality of your life.” (Tony Robbins)




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“Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better. Don’t wish for less trouble, wish for more skills. Don’t wish for a lesser challenge, wish for more wisdom.” (Jim Rohn)

“Each new day is an opportunity to be better. Not better than the others. Better than ourselves.” (Carlos Hilsdorf)